“Kali is a master at her craft! She is extremely knowledgeable, and I love how she incorporates hair and product education into every experience. I also love that she has a number of platforms available to keep her clients engaged outside of the salon experience. Ever so attentive, not only does Kali achieve amazing results, she also instills confidence in me to be able to efficiently replicate her genius when caring for and styling my hair on my own.”

Sharon Sanders, Esq.

“Kali teaching me how to style my hair on my own meant that I still looked and felt great even when regular stylist visits were not feasible.”

Sateria VenablePatient Advocate and Researcher

“Kali begins with conversation and proven tools to complete a thorough analysis of how you view yourself in the world and whether your entire self is aligned with your aspirations, which includes how you want to be seen by others.”

Angela O’BanionHospital and Healthcare Executive

“My time with Kali is not just spent on working on how I present myself externally but also how I feel about that external presentation. It is about presenting my authentic self in all I do.”

Raquel daFonsecaGlobal Ethics & Compliance Officer and Deputy General Counsel

“Kali’s skill set is rare.”

Dr. Pamela JollyAuthor of The NarrowRoad: A Guide to Legacy Wealth

“What is extraordinary about Kali is her remarkable ability to hair as a medium for changing how we feel about ourselves. How she does what she does is pure genius! I am delighted that HairCamp Home Edition’s courses, coaching and community make Kali’s transformational love accessible to women everywhere!”

Renee Elise GoldsberryGrammy and Tony Award-Winning Actress and Recording Artist

“My HairCamp experience taught me not only how to style my hair, but more importantly how to love it. I now have patience with and a deep appreciation for my crown that I never had before.”

Kamilah MarshallRecording Artist

“The program provided the right amount of education to help establish healthy routines, while also providing live feedback on my styling skills. I left with more knowledge, the right products, the right techniques and the confidence to go curly 90% of the time, which will be a huge savings.”

Jade DeanPRIVATE SERIES Participant

“Working with someone who understands the chemistry and support of both hair and body is a gift! I feel more confident and most importantly, like my authentic self.”

Ron KellumProducer, Director, Artist and Choreographer

“I learned my curl pattern, what type of oil is best for my hair, trimming techniques, chemicals dos and dont’s… the list goes on. Rarely, was something unrelated to my hair needs, and if it was, I was able to use the information help my friends love their hair as well. My relationship with my hair has been changed for the better!”

Maya GoldsberryStudent